How can the land of Burnaby attract you to visit the city?

How can the land of Burnaby attract you to visit the city?


Have you always wanted to visit some different place? Something different than the usual? Don’t hesitate, go and visit the treasure of Canada, the city Burnaby BC.


  1. Geography and land

The city occupies 98.60 square kilometers and is in the area of Metro Vancouver. It is between Port Moody, New Westminster, Coquitlam and the city of Vancouver and by the further bounds is connected with Fraser River, on the north side and Burrard Inlet on the south side.

This city, Vancouver and New Westminster have a major occupation on the Burrard Peninsula. The sea level of the city exceeds 370 meters or 1200 ft. There is also a mountain, called Burnaby Mountain that makes the city good for climbing and a great place for lovers of mountains.


  1. How can the climate be in your favor if you are a visitor of this city?

During the winter period there is a high level of snowfall, this is because of the elevation of the city. The physical landscape of the city consists of valleys, ridges, hills and alluvial plain. Because of these features the city can be a good place for cycling, walking, jogging and enjoying in the nature. The climate can be your alliance, if you decide to visit the city, in that way that will give you the opportunity to experience another type of winter, a real winter, enjoy in the snow, spend a weekend at the mountains, etc.

During the spring period, the city is good for cycling. There are two routes: Central Valley Greenway – long 24km and is used for walking, cycling, skateboarding, and wheelchairs. The route is parallel to the Millenium SkyTrain line and is used as one of the major transportation and recreation projects.

Then there is BC Parkway – which is long 26 km and is parallel with Expo SkyTrain line, and it is from Surrey to New Westminster.


  1. The rivers and the lakes of the city

The city is rich with a lot of parks and waterways. If you are on a holiday, you can bring your family here and enjoy together in the amusement parks, the nature and the lakes and rivers. Among the most famous parks are: Central Park, Kensington Park, and Robert Burnaby Park.

Among the most visited lakes and rivers are Deer Lake, Squint Lake, Brunette River and Burnaby Lake.

Visiting Burnaby can change your life and make you see the things from completely different perspective.



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